An Absolute Gem on Diamond! Located at 2911 Diamond Street in the heart of newly remodeled Downtown Rosamond, this income producing quadruplex offers 4 units (three downstairs and one upstairs), four individual parking garages, and nearly 2,800 square feet of living space. All for just $485,000! 

Built in 1986, the property consists of all 2-bedroom/ 1-bathroom residential suites—roughly 700 square feet in size. Each unit comes equipped with its own heating and cooling, as well as individual electric meters. 

Unit No. 1 was just revamped last month. Some of the improvements include fresh paint, new carpeting, and an updated dishwasherThe apartments are now fully occupied! 

Sometimes referred to as Aerospace Valley, the building is situated in a region known as the Antelope Valley—a hotbed of aerospace innovation. Housing such behemoths as Lockheed Martin and North Grumman, the AV is also the home to many military personnel with consistent housing needs. 

For additional information, call or text your local Rosamond realtor, Anthony Sumbry, at (661) 733-5300. Mr. Sumbry has been selling homes in the Greater Antelope Valley region for nearly 20 years. His production now places him among the top real estate agents in the area. 

Directions: 2911 Diamond Street, Rosamond, CA 93560