Mello Roos Tax In Anaverde

Many potential buyers and homeowners have questions concerning the current Mello Roos tax in the Anaverde community of West Palmdale. What is the purpose of the tax? How is the tax calculated? Is this tax indefinite? The below guide will hopefully shed some light on the answers to those questions and others.

What is a Mello Roos Tax?

A Mello Roos or Community Financial District is typically established when tax bonds are sold in order to raise capital for a development. In the case of Anaverde, roughly $30 million dollars in bonds were sold in 2004, with a term of 40 years. This assisted in raising the funds necessary to bring the infrastructure into the community. Roadways, utilities, parks and landscaping were some of the improvements that the bonds helped to pay for. These bonds are now being paid back through the form of special property taxes.

So How is Anaverde’s Mello Roos Tax Calculated?

The assigned special tax for the development is calculated based on several factors. These factors include the property type, living space, and lot size. The yearly assigned special tax amount can be seen in the following chart:



*The above assigned special tax is based on one full year (12 months).

Are Home Loans Available for Homes in Mello Roos Districts?

Yes. Since a mello roos is nothing more than a special property tax, home loans are available to individuals who purchase homes for sale in these Community Financial Districts.

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