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Palmdale Realtor®, Anthony Sumbry, believes he has they key to selling your house fast. Things like pricing and location are always factors. No matter how nice a home is, if it’s not priced correctly, a seller’s chance of getting an offer is greatly diminished.

There are other factors that sellers need to take into consideration when listing their home for sale. One of the most overlooked elements is marketing.

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The way that a home is marketed to the public and to other real estate agents is key. Explaining the features of a home clearly and in-depth help a potential home buyer visualize the upgrades and overall makeup of a property. Good photos of a listing go even further. The home shopper no longer has to use their sense of imagination in order to convert words into their visual equivalent. The photos allow the viewer to see still shots of the home for themselves. So, why not go one step further? What about video? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words do you think a video is worth?

Experts now estimate that just a minute of video equates to over 1.8 million words (Source: This would mean that a 2 minute long home video tour would translate into just over 3.5 million words. So, when comparing a 1,000 word property description to a 2 minute long video tour, written word is actually the less effective form of communication.

The effectiveness of video marketing lies not just in theory, but in actual results. Palmdale Realtors® who employ video into their marketing campaigns know exactly how valuable an asset it can be. In fact, homes listed for sale that include video tours get four times the number of inquiries of homes listed without video (Source: Inman News). This ultimately results in lower marketing times.

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The reach of video marketing doesn’t just stop at real estate websites and local listing services. With the massive growth of social media, more and more users are coming across information on the web in less conventional manners. Targeted marketing to these individuals can prove to be extremely advantageous. Social media giants, Facebook and Instagram, actually allow advertiser to target specific groups of highly engaged people based on things such as location, demographics, behaviors, and interest.

Let’s say that you are looking to sell your home in Palmdale near the golf course. The HD video tour could be posted on the business page of your local Palmdale Realtor®, allowing it to be advertised to his followers, as well as a specific targeted audience of individuals that are currently not following him. In this case, we could set the video ads to show to persons that match the following criteria: (i) most likely to move in the next six months, (ii) have golfing listed as a hobby, and (iii) live in or have shown an interest in the Palmdale area. This type of hyper-targeted market places your home in front of the most likely buyers without them having to even go looking for it.

Here are a few tips for preparing your home for a photo/video shoot:

  • Make sure that all lights to the property are turned on (inside and outside). Lighting is extremely important in both photo and video.
  • Make sure to sweep the driveway and remove all trash cans from the front and sides of the home.
  • Uncover built in BBQs, pools, and spas. If your pool/spa has any water features, make sure that they are on once filming starts.
  • No for sale signs should be present in the windows or on the yard. Many MLSs do not allow branding in videos that will be included with a public listing.
  • Remove all vehicles from the front of the home, including the driveway. If you live on a busy street, it may even be a good idea to park your car(s) on the street in front of the property until it is time to shoot. This will ensure that no one else parks there in the meantime.
  • Make sure that all ceiling fans are off.
  • Ensure all pets are contained and have been cleaned up after.
  • For the best results possible, remove/conceal all personal items from the bedrooms and bathrooms. This includes clothing, tooth brushes, skin care products, makeup, perfume, etc.
  • All beds should be made up prior to the film crew arriving.
  • In the kitchen, all counter tops should be clear and free of dishes, soaps, and other personal items.

To learn more about having your home professionally marketed for sale, contact your local Palmdale Realtor®, Anthony Sumbry, at (661) 733-5300.

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